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International flights are an impossibility in the foreseeable future and with intermittent border closures domestic flights are a lottery.


PTS22 will therefore be the new hybrid forum which has been bred out of the Covid Pandemic. The upside is that now we’re able to call it a truly International Event. We can then call it truly International.


We had planned to bring Dr Barbara Van Dahlen and Randy Phelps over from the USA and Dr Walter Busuttil, Sarah Austin and Tim Jones over from the UK, live into Brisbane but this cannot be. However, with the recent advancement of technological capability our fallback is to have them with us on screen to take part in the forum as if they were here live. That is, two from Washington and three from London. Now we have a truly, very powerful International Forum happening with three major countries all participating simultaneously and contributing to a common end. But why stop there? Why not do the same thing in New Zealand and Canada.


Then, we have a 5 Eyes Forum arriving at global recommendations to Governments on Transition, Suicide and Models of Care. All five nations have similar problems with some tackling them more successfully than others. Together we can arrive at universal solutions. We now have a solid connection to the New York Police Department who are doing amazing work on suicide in the Police Force. By adding them to our forum we have an even more powerful voice. With the improvement in technology we can now have online paticipants as well. When we break for roundtable discussion these can be hooked up into 10 person groups for discussion and they too will be able to furnish recommendations via the forum ap

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